Saturday, May 10, 2014

Moms Rock!

I would be remiss without taking a moment to wish all the moms and step-moms a Happy Mother's Day!  I think we would all agree that being a mom is one of the hardest, yet rewarding jobs in the world. We work endless hours and there isn't a retirement.  We get paid in hugs and kisses and sometimes dirty looks.  Even when we are sick we are required to do our job as the mom.  But rest assured, though it often doesn't seem like it, our customers love us and are completely loyal. They may not always agree with the management, but they keep coming back.

As a step-mom, the job is even more challenging because we have to earn the trust of our customers.  They weren't with us from the beginning, but we took them on as clients none-the-less and have done the best job we know how for them.  As the step-mom, we are often forgotten or pushed to the back, but we keep on doing what we think is best.  The pay is sometimes even less than that of a traditional mom, but we hold on to the promise and hope of a big bonus in the end.

Maybe you are both a biological mom and a step mom, like me, or maybe you are just one or the other.  Neither job is easy, we know, and the rewards are unique and sometimes sparse.  Keep on pushing through and doing the best job you know how.  Whether it feels like you are doing the right thing or not, know this:  You are awesome, you are loved and you are making a difference in a wonderful child's life!  Moms and Step-Moms ROCK!  Here is a video to brighten your day:  I Love Moms or Something  Happy Mother's Day!