Friday, June 14, 2013

Shamless Plug

Just recently, I saw a good friend that I had not seen for several months.  After exchanging the usual 'how are you' pleasantries, she commented that she recently saw my blog post on Facebook and asked if I had started a blog.

Did I start a blog?  " two years ago...." is what I wanted to say, but of course, I did not.  I merely explained my objective and that I hope to help other blended families by sharing what we have done right and, well, not so right.  After I thought more about the conversation, it occurred to me that people, even good friends, are not all privy to the fact that I am writing this blog.

So, this leads me to my shameless request, my call for help...from you.  Will you help me?  Will you help to get the word out about my blog?  I'm not asking you to put posters on the street corner or anything, I will make it much easier than that.

If you like what you read, and you know someone who can benefit, just let them know about it.  If you follow me on Twitter, re-tweet my blog when you see it, and encourage others to follow me.  If your my friend on Facebook, share the post to your wall.  Help me get the word out.  In fact, at the bottom of each blog post, you will see a series of 5 icons.  These are there to help you share what you read.  You can email the blog, you can blog about it yourself, you can tweet it, share it on Facebook, or share it on Google Plus (if anybody really uses that).  You can even sign up to receive my blog via email (to the right of the most current post).  I welcome comments and questions on posts or via email: or using the newly added contact sheet. So, please, use the tools and get the word out.

Here's the way I look at it.  If you enjoy reading what I post, and it is helpful to you, don't you think someone else could benefit as well?  The purpose of my blog, is not just to share my stories, but also to help others.  Being a parent isn't easy. Being a step-parent is even harder.  Learn from the things our family has done right....and wrong so that your family or step family can be all you want it to be.  Remember, we're all in this together.

Thanks for helping me spread the word!